101 whiskey's to try before you die

101 Whiskeys To Try Before You Die – A Guide to Good Whiskey

Book: 101 Whiskeys to Try Before You Die

Whiskey’s are available in many styles, and if you are one of the those who can explain the differences, you may be able to come off as somewhat sophisticated, but if you don’t yet know that all Bourbon Whiskey comes from Bourbon County, Kentucky, or that most Canadian Rye is a blend containing only 50% Rye, or that Scotch Whiskey distillers that draw their water from the highlands tend to have a product with a smokier finish, not all is lost.– You are still entitled to learn about the differences in whiskey from around the world.

Wonderful descriptions

The book “101 Whiskeys to Try Before You Die” is a pictorial guide to whiskey with wonderful descriptions of, well as the title states, 101 Whiskey’s. Each of the whiskey choices which were included in this book by; Ian Buxton, were done so for their popularity with Whiskey aficionados. Buxton goes beyond simply offering his personal tastes, and includes popular choices suggested by other experts.

Neat, with water, or on the rocks

You can drink whiskey in a variety of ways. The most common ways to drink good whiskey is: neat, with water, or on the rocks. There are also well-known whiskey cocktails such as the Manhattan, or the Old Fashioned which have stood the test of time.

Great gift for an experienced whiskey drinker

Regardless of how you enjoy your whiskey, this little book is a lot of fun to thumb through, and can help you on your way to understanding Whiskey. If you’re not a fan of whiskey, or you simply don’t engage in alcohol. This book also makes a great gift for even the most experienced whiskey drinker.

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