2014 Breyer Holiday Horse

When I was a little girl, I had a whole collection of Breyer horses. I simply loved them! My eight offspring enjoyed playing with them, too, but they were so rough on them that they were all destroyed. It took them a lot of years to do it, because they are made out of an extremely durable plastic, but six of my children were boys and they played hard with their toys.  In this case, they played hard with MY toys!

We had some cowboy and cowgirl figures that fit on them, from another company, but they eventually “bit the dust”, too.  I really loved my horse collection, and only wanted the Breyer horses. At that time, there weren’t any special holiday horses, so I was delighted to see this one.

This 2014 Breyer Holiday Horse is called Bayberry and Roses, which is a beautiful name for a lovely design! The Breyer classic horses were all created with a 12:1 ratio, this one has a 9:1 ratio and is realistically and painstakingly hand-painted, too.

When I was collecting them, the company was called the Breyer Molding Company. The very first horse was made for the F.W. Woolworth company – remember them? All that I wanted, every time my birthday came around, was another Breyer horse. I do not even remember how many of them I owned,  but the collection was my pride and joy! While the other girls played with dolls, I played with my horses.

Bayberry and Roses, the 2014 Breyer Holiday Horse, would definitely have been on my “wish list”, had it existed fifty years ago. It is one of the loveliest Breyer horses I have ever seen, and any horse lover or youngster would love to be its the proud owner!

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