3D Doodle Kit

3D Doodle Kit

Do you remember the 3D comics you read as a kid? You know, the ones that came with the red and blue 3D glasses? Weren’t they awesome? Guess what? You can now make your own 3D drawings that seemingly float on top of the paper that it is drawn on with the 3D Doodle Kit. With enough ingenuity, you can probably draw your very own 3D comic.

The 3D Doodle Kit is ridiculously simple. It consists of a red and a blue pencil, a compass to hold the two colored pencil and of course a pair of 3D glasses. You need to supply your own drawing paper. It’s a wonderful educational toy that teaches about stereography and how human eyes perceive the world in 3D. And it is of course lots of fun.

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