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Why Whyrll? Why Not?

You are checking through your social media account just like a billion other people on the planet. Suddenly, you noticed a photo of a product that caught your eye. Someone just posted a totally zany gadget. It is a multi-function gizmo that made you immediately reach for the Share button. These are the type of products that you will find on Whyrll.

Product after product, page after page of products that you know you don’t need but you absolutely must have. Products that you can browse for eternity. Products that you know is perfect for someone that you know. It is like mindless window shopping from the comfort of your home.

Whyrll started out as an idea of building a website that lets us easily share such products not just with our family and friends but with everyone. Then we thought, why not let everyone else in on the game? We too would like to know what great products that others think are worth sharing. And this is how Whyrll came to be.

Whyrll is all about curating and sharing products that we love with others. Whyrll is also great for gift ideas. Need to find that special gift for that special someone who has everything? We bet you will be able to find something on Whyrll.

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