Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder

If you can’t beat ’em, feed ’em!   That’s what I decided after trying to keep squirrels away from our bird feeders.

If you enjoy feeding the birds that come to your yard or garden, you’ve also probably done battle with the squirrels who want to be fed too.   Squirrels are persistent and smart, and if there’s a way to get to the bird feeders, you know they’ll figure it out.

So why not give the squirrels their own food station?  This squirrel-sized Adirondack Chair has room for a tasty ear of corn to tempt the pickiest squirrel (although I really haven’t come across any picky squirrels!).

The chair is made of a sturdy brushed metal, and will comfortably seat one hungry squirrel.  Maybe this will help keep him away from your bird feeders!   You may even get some hungry birds checking out the corn cob if the squirrel isn’t around.

You can buy the corn cobs at many garden stores and at most stores that sell wild bird seed.

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