Emergency-Solar-Hand-Crank-Radio and charger

Adventurer Hand Crank Radio and Charger

The Ambient Weather WR-112 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio is certainly a must for the survivalist and has a given place in any well-stocked emergency kit. It is a Amazon #1 best seller and thousands of satisfied customers have given it the maximum rating.

Whether you are camping or on a boat trip, a road trip or on a excursion in the woods this radio and charger could be essential to your survival. The small size 4 x 3 x 6 inches and low weight makes it easy to bring along or fit in your survival kit.

This is not only a Crank Radio but also a charger for any device with rechargeable batteries using a usb, usb mini or a standard Philips plug. Phones, Cameras, Speakers, Tablets, Laptops to mention a few. USB Charging Cable and Mini, Micro and USB charging tips are included.

The Adventurer Hand Crank Radio and Charger also features a strong LED Flashlight a Siren and of course, NOAA Weather Radio settings (Satellite).

I like that it is a Crank Radio but you don’t have to crank it if the rechargeable, and exchangeable, lithium battery is not completely empty. That battery can be charged with a number of choices, from any other devise using a usb connection from your computer or your car or or the AC adapter most phones include.

So you might ask yourself..  “Will I ever need this thing?” Well when you do you will surly know, and anyway it´s such a nice item to own, isn’t  it?  😎

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