air-trekker jumping stilts

Air Trekker Jumping Stilts

Run twenty miles per hour

Air Trekker jumping stilts are a game changer for the sports enthusiasts that have a need for speed. With practice these space age stilts will propel you out of the atmosphere, well not quite, but we do have video individual enthusiasts getting some very serious air time. According to the manufacturers, it is possible to run as fast as 20 miles per hour using the Air Trekker stilts.

Best jumping stilts made

These ultra-light and extremely responsive jumping by Air Trekker jumping stilts are the number one rated in the industry, and are fully recognized by the original patent holder. There are knock offs in the market place, so be certain you are getting the most reliable, the original Air-Trekker jumping stilts.

Jump 3-5 meters high

Want to jump high? Remember that one dream you had where you were bouncing over everyone, everything? With practice you can learn to jump as high as 3-5 meters off the ground with these carbon frame high tech jumping stilts.

Now anyone can dunk a basketball

Anyone can dunk a basketball once they have mastered the art of jumping on the Air-Trekker stilts, and once you get serious, you learn to do handstands, the splits, and even back flips with these awesome stilts. Watch the video below, and see just how much fun you’re missing out on. Order your stilts today and you may just have them in time for the weekend.

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