100 hour emergency candle three pack

Amazing 100 Hour Emergency Candle

Burn, baby, burn, and light the way

You don’t realize the importance of a single candle until your power is out. The amazing 100 hour emergency candle burns smokeless, and odorless for over 100 hours, and is ready at the strike of a match. Don’t be left in the dark, the next time your power is unexpectedly interrupted.

Candles were once a primary light source

This candle is an ideal addition to your emergency or survival gear, and don’t forget to stock the matches, or a magnesium fire starter. The wide base of the liquid paraffin filed candle makes it stable and hard to topple. Candles have been used for thousands of years as a primary light source. These days we have much more practical ways to generate light, but in an emergency situation the everyday standards we’ve come to expect may be unavailable.

Flashlight batteries have an uncertain shelf life

Flashlight batteries cannot be stored for long periods of time the way the 100 hour candle can be, so even if you have an electric device in your emergency cupboard, you would be wise to include a combustible alternative such as the 100 hour candle. All you need is a source of fire to get it working.

Be prepared

Order your very affordable set of three, highly dependable, 100 hour survival candles now, and you’ll have them ready, and waiting in the event an emergency situation occurs. It’s better to be prepared today than to be caught off guard, tomorrow.

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