Animal Faces Pumpkin Push-In Pins

Finally! Some one got the idea for making Halloween pumpkin decorating safe for even toddlers! Why stop at pumpkins? The little ones can decorate butternut squash, acorn squash, eggplant, large potatoes, gourds, or anything else that they can push these plastic pins into. They will have fun making funny animals, too, with these animal faces pumpkin push-in pins.

This kit contains:

  • 4 different sets of eyes
  • 4 sets of ears
  • 4 sets of nose/mouth
  • 1 tail

So many times, when we were carving out pumpkins to turn them into Jack O’Lanterns, the youngest members of the family felt left out. We couldn’t let them participate, as we had sharp knives out. It was heart-breaking to see them upset. They didn’t simply want to help scoop out the seeds and stringy parts of the pulp – they wanted to help carve the pumpkin!

My children have been grown for many years, and have lots of children of their own. They can use these great pumpkin animal push-in pins with THEIR kids, and avoid having the toddlers upset, because they couldn’t help. They can also be used throughout the year, with different vegetables, to make decorations for other holidays!

There are several different types of these push-in pins for animals – take a look on Amazon. We saw some really neat ones!

P.S. You will have to buy your own pumpkin!

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