Anpress Wedge Panel Book Light

Anpress Wedge Panel Book Light

Not all book lovers have moved on over to ebook readers. Many still prefer the joy of holding and reading an actual physical book. Ebook readers do enjoy one advantage over a normal book – most ebook readers have lighted up screens that allow readers to read in the dark without disturbing others in the room. Book readers on the other hand normally rely on reading lamps or even clip on book light to indulge in some bedtime reading. However these light solution still can be a cause of disturbance for a sleeping companion. However, with the Anpress Wedge Panel Book Light, book readers can now enjoy the same advantage as ebook reader users.

The Anpress Wedge Panel Book Light is a piece of transparent plastic panel that has an LED light build into the one of the edges. When you place a lighted Anpress Wedge Panel Book Light on the pages of a book, it lights up the entire page evenly for comfortable reading. The brightness can also be adjusted to your preference, just like an ebook reader. The Wedge Panel Book Light is the perfect companion device for those book lovers who share a bed or a room.

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