anti tarnish silver jewelry storage bags

Anti Tarnish Silver Jewelry Storage Bags

To keep your sterling silver jewelry pieces  looking their shiny best, store them in  anti tarnish silver  jewelry storage bags. These  bags have been specially treated so they slow down the process of tarnish. It also helps to store your jewelry in a cool, dry location.

Be careful. It’s also best to store your sterling pieces away from other jewelry so they don’t get scratched and these specially treated bags will give you even more protection.

Over a period of time your sterling might develop a patina, which some people actually prefer. If that look isn’t for you and you prefer a shiny finish it’s easy enough to remedy using a soft polishing cloth. You might read that using toothpaste or baking soda works, too, but they’re abrasive and can leave tiny scratches on the surface of your fine sterling jewelry.

The anti tarnish silver jewelry storage bags shown here will also be good for gold jewelry and most precious metal storage.

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