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Country apple decorations for the kitchen don’t have to be expensive to add a fabulous touch to your theme. I found this six-piece  curtain set in the country apple decor genre we’re after and was surprised to see their (starting at under $20) low price for both the window panels, tiebacks and tiered topper!

I love this set in particular (did I mention the low price?) for its warm and comfy appeal that betrays a nice, natural ambiance. The tree-green, granny apple red, and tan, ethereal hues play up one another lending a seasonal, sort of country fair cheeriness.

For a nice balance and a layered look–a critical part of your kitchen’s decor–opt for a vase of sunflowers, so your space won’t be laden with too many country apple decor pieces. Too, just a few sets in your apple theme are all you’ll need  to complete your kitchen’s  look (as far as  themed ‘sets’ are concerned). You don’t want so many look-alike apple decorations; too much of the same thing will dilute their effectiveness as decor pieces.

Use the sunflowers as I mentioned, or if you love apples, apples and more apples (See? that’s still an overload of ‘apples’ when used too often in text) go for a large decorative piece instead of a lot of little apples here and there, which will appear littered and not at all the cozy kitchen.

Don’t these cute country style kitchen curtains have a richness where you can seemingly, ‘smell’ the flavor and spice of country apple pie?

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