The Art of the Book of Life

The Art of the Book of Life

If you love the animated movie, The Book of Life as much as I did, you would no doubt want to find out more about the thoughts, process and designs that went into making the movie. While most movie art books are usually a bunch of beautiful stills and some production shots slapped together to fleece attract fans of the movie, The Art of the Book of Life is different.

First of all, one of the authors for The Art of the Book of Life, is none other than Jorge Gutierrez, the director of The Book of Life himself. Besides being the director of the movie, Jorge Gutierrez is an accomplished artist, illustrator and animator so the book covers a lot of these aspects of the movie. Being the actual director of the movie, you get deep insights into what went into creating this wonderful movie.

The other reason why this is more than just any ordinary art book is because one of the main attractions of the movie is the colorful and intricately designed world and characters. The biggest highlight for me is definitely how The Land of the Remembered is depicted in the movie. The Land of the Remembered is described as having epic fiestas every day and all-you-can-eat churros. The designers of the film draws a lot into the colorful culture of Mexico and ancient civilizations such as the Aztec and Mayan.

If you love the movie and you want to gain more insights into the movie, The Art of the Book of Life is a must read.

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