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Automatic plant watering with bottle spikes

A water bottle spike by Plant Nanny is a easy way to keep your deck and patio plants alive when you go on a shorter vacation.

There are different sizes for sale of this gardening gizmo. Shown here is the large stake that fits yesterday’s wine or similar sized long-neck bottle, and is intended for medium to large plants. If you have huge pots outdoors you may want to use more than one smart watering bottle at once. Do some testing! This kind of a setup will keep potted plants watered over time – up to weeks.

Here is how to make a automatic watering device in three steps with a stake attachment by Plant Nanny:

  1. Rinse out any standard sized glass bottle (long neck such as regular wine).
  2. Fill it with water (or fertilized solution).
  3. Attach a Water Nanny tip, turn upside-down and insert into soil.


It’s a fully automatic water drip system for plants. As the soil starts to dry out, gravity and convection slowly drips out just enough water for any type of vegetation that requires normal watering to thrive.  (Actually, it doesn’t drip – it’s more of a underground condensation / sweat function that distributes water more evenly than a dripper.)

When ordering, be aware that you need to use a different version of the attachment depending on if you want to use a glass or plastic bottle.  Article 6051 shown above is for glass bottles, while article 6053 is for plastic bottles.

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