Barbie Collector Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday Doll

Barbie Collector Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday Doll

Audrey Hepburn charmed audiences in her movie debut.  This Barbie Collector Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday doll is a tribute to her and the iconic role she played.

She starred opposite Gregory Peck, who was a well known and respected actor by that time.  However, Audrey stole the show with her portrayal of a Princess who longed to have freedom and live like everyone else.

She wore an outfit much like this one in Roman Holiday.   Joe, played by Peck, took Ann sightseeing in Rome.  He did not let on that he knew she was actually a Princess who had escaped in order to avoid her responsibilities and have some fun.

In one memorable scene,  Ann and Joe go for a scooter ride throughout the streets of Rome.  Although Audrey Hepburn was also dressed inelegant  gowns in the film, this pretty outfit probably best represents the film.  It certainly represents the most light hearted and fun moments of a very enjoyable story.

Although I enjoyed all of Audrey’s movies, Roman Holiday is my favorite.  It’s light and breezy, with great chemistry between her and Gregory Peck.  The two actors remained life long friends.

This Barbie collector doll is one of a kind.  It’s a great gift idea for those who love Audrey Hepburn.

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