Porcelain Plate with PP Berget Rice Bowl Design

Beautiful Decorative Porcelain Plate

Porcelain Plate with Rice Bowl Design

A  Large 10.75 inches or 27.3 cm Decorative Porcelain Plate with a Beautifully Stylized Rice Bowl and Chopsticks. A Perfect Housewarming Gift in this holiday filled season.

This is one of my favorites designs. I like the harmonious and calming strict design with strong accents of red and black in vibrant full-color print with glossy finish that goes well on the white background. A Beautiful Decorative Porcelain Plate of this size on a wall or a stand is a centerpiece to enhance any room. Conveniently the plate have two small holes bored on the back for hanging.

I imagine a table set with these beautiful plates on a colorful cloth with crystal, flowers and candles. Breathtaking!

“The Rice Bowl” Porcelain Plate is of course intended for serving as well and also comes in the smaller size 8.5″ or 21.6 cm. The Porcelain plates are of course food, microwave, and dishwasher safe but I wouldn’t use a sharp carving knife on the beautiful print.

I love designing with Zazzle, did you know that clicking through you can choose to make your own design if you don’t like mine? At no added cost you can make your own exclusive gift! And it is great fun.

Designers Tip: Mach the plate with other items from  the Rice Bowl motif for example the beautiful Wood Handle Tray @ $44.95 or a Apron. When you click through to the plate look for the the link to my PP Berget Gift Store with exclusive and personal gifts you won’t find elsewhere.

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