Best Baby Doll for Little Girls

Among the best baby dolls for little girls is this Little Mommy Talk with Me Repeating Doll where even the youngest girls can interact with as they build their vocabulary, learn valuable role-playing skills and engage in play with other girls her age.

This cute but rated high-quality and very durable, baby doll has a button little girls push to record their own fun messages and chatter, then play them back. Little girls hear their own words repeated but in the doll’s own girly voice. Too, for the littlest girls who haven’t mastered sound vocabulary skills as yet, the doll also has her own set of silly phrases.

The Little Mommy Talk with Me Repeating Doll (that’s a mouthful in itself!) has rave reviews with one mom claiming her little girl’s speech is much improved since receiving the baby doll as a gift. Moms and dads can also record their own messages like counting, singing, and just “I love yous.” I’m all for sneaking in an educational thing or two whenever I can, so I’m voting this Little Mommy Talk with Me baby doll as a best bet for little girls to age eight.

This doll is for little girls, not babies and while not hard plastic it’s not the soft variety of baby doll for girls under aged three.

This baby doll has her own bunny hand puppet and sippy cup.

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