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To improve my sore back, I compared several chair massagers with heat at a budget-friendly (dare I say ‘cheap?’) price. After reading about whole-body vibration therapy and its reported benefits, I got excited. While the results are still out on how vibration can help ease aching backs, improve bone density and help with a myriad of other health maladies, I’m all for trying anything new just once.

One thing I do know, is that heat, massage and vibration improves one’s circulation while it energizes–especially for those, like me, who sit in a chair most of the day.

I didn’t have much to lose, I figured, especially for a chair massager for well under $50.

I ordered this Body Benefits Conair heated back massager for chairs an I love it.  You can adjust the vibration from high to low and use the heat option or just opt for the vibration therapy. I use both the heat and vibration (on high) options. These settings suit me well and I love the lumbar support and the three speed massager includes the upper back region, as well.

All you need do is strap the massager to your chair and in minutes the heat can be felt radiating in your lumbar area (lower back).

For me, this back massager is a simple remedy for vibration therapy, increasing my blood flow, easing my troubled back (I have RA) and  improving energy–all for under $50!

All you need do is

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