Best earbuds under 10 – Panasonic RPHJE120

Dont take my word for it, I actually have this earbuds and agree with the Amazon customers’ consensus that this is the best earbuds under 10 dollar you can buy right now. Actually, it is even below that price point.

What many like about this earbud aside from wallet friendly price is actually the sound. If you are coming from stock headsets of your cellphone and mp3 player, the difference in audio quality is very apparent. iPhone’s and Samsung’s out of the box headset had nothing on this in the audio fidelity department.  It may not compete with high-end designer earbuds out there, but for the price, this is actually a steal- and 12,000 and counting overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon are actually saying a lot.

Another thing that I like about this sub 10 dollar earbud is it snugly fits the ear. I can actually wear it longer and it filters noise quite decently so it can be played even at very low volume, thereby there’s less chances of hearing loss.

So you if are in the market for a budget earbuds that has a good audio quality, Panasonic RPHJE120K  is among the best earbuds under 10 that is worth considering.

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