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I wanted a cheap, cordless picture light with a remote, so I wouldn’t have to deal with hiding cords in those silly strip covers.

Wall art is a fabulous way to express yourself, and there’s no better way to light up your prized picture (literally) than to use one of these portable lights. Its slim line allows for your pictures and artwork to take the credit without having a large and looming light overhead or at floor level.

It’s imperative that your picture stays the center of attention without cords and a clunky light fixture robbing the artwork’s splendor, says the decorator and artist within (me).

Along with the handy remote control (and cheaper price), this picture light fits the bill, ¬†allowing you to hang your pictures anywhere–even up high–and still light ’em up. I have a great room with soaring ceilings which I love, but pictures hanging some 15′ high are a hard thing to wrestle with. Add a light to that and you’re woefully ‘stretched to the max on a ladder.’ It’s here where a light with a wireless remote makes great sense for your pictures.

I like the choice of gold or black, although I’d like to see a white light for those of us who have white walls. You can see more picture lights, including white lights, at the link below but I highly recommend this model for its low (yeah, cheap) price, museum style form, fabulous, convenient, battery-operated, remote control and wireless features.

Helpful note: Be sure your pictures fit the wall space. Too often I’ve seen tiny pictures on large expanses of wall where they look like postage stamps. Allow your artwork to take charge of the space. Think: Large wall area, large picture; small or narrow wall, small picture. A long picture fits a narrow wall area well, and adding a ¬†wireless picture light like this one will light up the space well.

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