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Best Way To Dry Running Shoes and Boots

What a fantastic run you had

You have just had a fantastic run. –  Mild temperatures, overcast skies, an occasional light mist, and a puddle, here and there to pound through. Now all you can think of  is nutrition, and well earned shower. – Aren’t you forgetting something?

Care for your wet running shoes

If you log any miles at all, your running shoes can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. Once you’ve found a comfortable pair of shoes it’s best to take very good care of them, so they will last as long as possible. Your next pair may not feel as good on your feet. It only takes a few minutes to care for your shoes. So, do yourself a favor, and prep your shoes for drying. If nothing else you will be able to step into a nice dry pair next time you head out.

How to dry your shoes

There are a couple of things you can do to take care of wet running shoes and boots. The first step is to unlace, or loosen the ties on your shoes so that air has a chance to circulate through them. Ideally you will take the laces out, pull out the tongues. The second thing to do is to stuff them with a crumpled newspaper. This will help them dry out while retaining their shape. If you are not inclined to go through this ritual, there is another option.

Electric boot and shoe dryer

The PEET boot, and shoe Dryer – Model: Advantage M07F 4- is an electric shoe and boot drier, that has been designed to dry your shoes and boots, thoroughly and easily, while retaining their shapes. This is by far the best way to dry running shoes, or boots.  The dryer shown here has great reviews, plugs into a standard wall outlet, and dries your running shoes while you jog onto more important matters.

Save your expensive footwear

Join the hundreds of riders, and runners that have found how easy it is to care for their expensive footwear with PEET boot and shoe dryer. Order yours today, and enjoy happy feet tomorrow!

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