Betty Boop Salt and Pepper (Angel and Devil) Shakers

Collectors of Betty Boop salt and pepper shakers will go wild for this two-piece set with our favorite cartoon flapper girl as an angel and as a devil. Each of the ceramic shakers in this pair is four and a quarter inches tall, and beautifully detailed.

The salt shaker is a ceramic figurine of Betty Boop as an angel, depicted in a long off-white gown with her hands clasped so demurely in front of her. A pair of angelic white wings are at her back and a golden halo is perched on those flirty black curls.

Betty Boop as a devil is quite the vamp, in contrast!  The pepper shaker shows the popular flapper character in a long black gown decorated with orange flames on the skirt and a dramatic red collar that matches the ceramic figure’s elbow-length gloves.

I love this particular salt and pepper set because the retro-inspired pair is not only cute and eye-catching, but also because the set of angel and devil shakers is a true reflection of Betty Boop’s character, a mix of innocence and innuendo that is nothing short of irresistible. Who wouldn’t crave this charming set in  your kitchen or on your dining table?

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