Betty Boop Zombie Love Regal Comfort Queen Size Heavy Weight Blanket

Betty Boop “Zombie Love” Minke Blanket

Fans of cartoon cutie Betty Boop can’t get enough of the curvy flapper girl, especially on a big thick soft cuddly plush minke blanket.  Give her a modern spin with a blank-eyed zombie look and the effect is deliciously ironic.

The darling of 1930s animation shorts like Minnie the Moocher (a promo piece for the Cab Calloway song of the same name) re-launched into celebrity for a new generation of comic aficionados with a sultry black-and-white cameo in the 1980s cult feature film Who Killed Roger Rabbit.  Beyond the pop culture appearances across three generations, however, our retro-chic Betty Boop is a comic character pinup whose frankly feminine appeal is truly timeless.

No knock-off, this queen size (79″ x 96″) blanket in super-soft polyester minke fabric – this is the officially licensed image of Betty Boop for your bedroom decor or couch cuddling pleasure.

Minke (also known as mink) is a thick baby-soft fabric that puts even the thickest of fleece to shame with its silky texture and incredible warmth.  Betty Boop deserves no less, after all – even if she’s become one of the walking dead, wiggling and giggling her way to Zombie Love through a graphic graveyard with her adorable puppy.  Striking in shades of grey, black, bone white and blood red.


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