bicycle zombie playing cards

Bicycle Deck of Zombie Playing Cards

The dead man’s hand

The bicycle deck of zombie playing cards brings a whole new mean to the term; “The dead man’s hand”. For eve more fun each playing gives its own zombie survival tip.  It’s no secret that one of the most popular icons of current culture is the zombie.  Anything  that is zombie related,is currently uber-popular, and that popularity doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon..

We’re fascinated with zombies

This fascination our modern culture has with zombies is much more than a fad. According to (a) en.wickepedia there have been over 30 zombie themed movies produced between “2012” and “2014”. This love affair with zombies is apparently not new. The source goes on to list zombie movies as far back as the “1930’s”.

Give game night new life

What great fun these would be for poker night, cribbage, euchre, or your special game of choice. Bring new life to your game night by ordering your own deck of bicycle playing cards today, and you know they can ship tomorrow.


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