Big Hero 6 Baymax

Big Hero 6 Baymax Action Figure

The movie Big Hero 6 looks like it will be another smash hit for Disney.  In Big Hero 6 Baymax is the character that you see featured in most of the trailers.  Baymax is an inflatable robot that was originally created to be a healthcare companion.  However once the inventors younger brother gets a hold of him he becomes much more.  Adding on rocket fist, super strength, and the rocket thrusters that allow him to fly he becomes a hero.

Once your kids see this movie they will fall in love with Baymax.  So will all of the other kids, and this Baymax action figure will become one of the hottest toys for Christmas wish lists everywhere.  So I suggest you pick one up now before they sell out.

If you want to check out more about Big Hero 6 you can check it out at  There you will be able to download Gifs and wallpapers featuring the characters from the movie.

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