Black Floating Desk with Storage

This black floating desk with storage is a fabulous option for setting up shop wherever you need it. Being both writer and decorator, I’m giving this desk major kudos for its slim, practical lines, ample work surface and all this in a tidy five-foot clearance at either side.

Let’s talk about the desk’s  function, first: There’s  plenty of room for lots of storage with its shelves and there’s even one that’s out of sight if you need a shelf for storing equipment or unsightly reference materials. The work surface leaves nothing to be desired and you can keep your computer’s monitor pushed to the back to take advantage of even more elbow room. I do recommend you use a mouse pad to protect the black finish, as the color will reveal scratches more so than the white desk color option.

This floating desk is a fabulous choice if you’re shorter or taller than most adults, as you can ‘custom’ hang  it to any wall at a stud (all walls have studs usually at 16″ intervals; use a stud finder if you’re unsure). My first home office was in my huge walk-in closet; so this desk will work nicely for a make-shift office if you’ve limited choices and need quiet in a busy household.

Price: This desk by Prepac is uber-cheap without being ‘cheap.’  This desk is currently under $150 with free shipping (double check to  be sure). I prefer heavy furniture items be delivered to my door and you’ll thank yourself, as this desk is sturdy and a heavyweight in both durability and weighs in at a furniture-grade piece.

Style: Opting for a black desk is ideal for contemporary and modern spaces, as it won’t be the standout among your existing office or living area furniture. The smooth lines won’t compete with your more decorative, trimmed pieces and its just one sleek desk if you want it to be your room’s focal point (or hung on an accent wall).

Adorn the desk with your favorite, colorful decor or just go for the desk’s utility; it sure has the deep shelves for storage.

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