Black Lab Dog on a Tee

Black Lab Dog T-Shirt

These photo-realistic animal t-shirts have been making quite an impact. I bet you’ve already seen them around, or come across them online. Isn’t it time you got one of your own?

This one’s the black lab. I think this breed gets the award for the dog that wins the most hearts. Even people who don’t like dogs have a soft spot for a Labrador Retriever, with its gentle brown eyes and that sweet ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly but might just love you to death’ personality. Yep, the Lab is a dog that charms people no matter where it goes.

Wouldn’t you like a bit of that charm to rub off on you? Well I think that’s just what you’ll get if you put one of these head-turning shirts on.

Here’s what I love about this tee:

  • The image quality. That sweet dog face leaps out at you. From the gleam in the eyes to the whiskery chin, it looks so real.
  • It’s black. Effortlessly cool, black looks good with everything.
  • The sizing. Specifically, you can choose from 8 sizes, all the way from small to a super-generous 5XL. Because the tape measure shouldn’t dictate how good you can look.
  • The smiles. You’re going to collect a lot of them. You might want to duck away from the pats on the head.

Actually, if you happen to be looking for love, I’d say this is the t-shirt to wear. Recently, a profile on a dating site was created for a dog. It was very clear from the photo and description that this dating site member was a canine. It received a huge number of replies from both genders! Which just goes to show that it’s true, nobody can resist those big puppy-dog eyes. Ideal if you don’t have a dog of your own to walk, but want to strike up conversations with attractive singles in the local park.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, it would also be just the thing to buy for a dog loving friend or family member. Cute but not cutesy, and trendy without being weird.

I know your next question. How soon can you be wearing your new black lab tshirt? All being well, this one ships within 24 hours. Now that’s enough to make anyone’s tail wag!

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