Old World Blue Crab Ornament

Blue Crab Ornament for Crab Lovers

Here in Florida, we are Blue Crab lovers! I can remember going “crabbing” when I was just a youngster, back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. My mother made the best blue crab casserole that I have ever tasted. She had a terrible time making cakes, but she had the blue crab casserole down to a science!

If she was still with us, I would get this for her, to hang on her Christmas tree. The Old World Glass company makes some of the “coolest” Christmas ornaments I have ever purchased.

The ornament is about 6 inches wide, and 3 inches tall. It is hand-blown, and hand-painted, and typical of the exceptional quality we have come to expect from this company. I haven’t counted, but I know we have over 30 ornaments from the Old World Glass Company, and they have certainly made our Christmas trees a delight to behold!

I intend to get one for my husband, for Christmas. If you have a “blue crab fan” in your life, this is sure to brighten their holiday season. He almost looks good enough to eat!

Take a look at this Old World creation – we think you will agree, it is a perfect blue crab ornament for crab lovers, one and all!

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