Blue Jellyfish Nautical Art Glass Paperweight

Blue Jellyfish Nautical Art Glass Paperweight

You’ll get a kick out of adding this blue jellyfish nautical art glass paperweight to your office decor.  It even glows in the dark!   This four and a half inch beauty will grace your desk, a shelf, or a tabletop with the aura of the sea.

The diaphanous jelly (a more accurate term, since they are not true fish) have roamed all the oceans of the world for thousands of years.  The various species of this many colored marine animal range in size from under a half inch to over six feet across.  Some of the largest have stinging tentacles that measure over a hundred feet long.  The sting from some types of jellies, including the Lion’s Mane and the Box Jellyfish, are particularly toxic, even deadly to humans.   Nevertheless, their beauty is alluring, and they have become popular subjects for art and nautical decor.

The glowing blue jellyfish nautical art glass paperweight shown here captures the beguiling beauty of this fascinating marine creature.

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