Glass Tea Press Makes Perfect Tea

Bodum Glass Tea Pot and Press for Perfect Tea

A comforting mug of tea is the perfect escape from many of life’s little troubles. The only question is how to brew the perfect cup of tea? Hot drink expert Bodum has cracked the secret, and now they are sharing it with the rest of us.

Their solution? An elegant glass teapot and tea press that they are calling ‘an innovation in tea brewing’.  Designed for loose tea as well as for teabags, it lets you steep your tea for just the right amount of time (you decide, either according to package instructions or your own personal preference). Plunging the tea when time is up means no over-brewing.

Bodum is of course already a well-known name in hot beverage glassware, combining style and function in their classy range of coffee and tea makers and mugs. The ‘Shin Cha’ glass tea pot  is a perfect example of their modern, minimalist style that turns a practical item into something you’ll be proud to have on permanent display. It looks particularly nice when brewing your perfect tea, as the glass outer lets you see that beautiful amber of the brew inside.

What You Need to Know

Aside from the timeless good looks of the Bodum Shin Cha teapot, you are also getting something practical enough to fit into daily life. Yes, the glass tea press is dishwasher-safe. It holds 34 ounces and is suitable for your favorite blend, from the super-healthy white tea and green tea, through the classic Indian teas such as Darjeeling, Assam and Lapsang Souchong, to fragrant Ear Grey or Jasmine tea. Herbal teas and tisanes too can be brewed up easily in this pot.

What Customers Love about the Bodum Glass Teapot

Described as graceful and sleek, it’s a piece of kitchenware we all want to show off. But even more importantly, it actually does make the perfect cup of tea! Easy to clean and no dripping, just be careful not to drop it.

We All Deserve Tea This Good!

In Japan, tea-drinking is not only a comfort but a cultural art, with the ritual requiring years of study. A drink this sophisticated deserves a little extra care in both preparation and presentation. Why not create your very own tea-drinking ritual with this no-fuss, reliable and elegant tea press?


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