Meinl Bongo Cahon

Bongo Cahon

Being a long time percussionist I just have to have a set of bobgo drums laying around, right? So, true my bongo loving friends and I am here to give you an important tip on the “other” type of bongos, the bongo cahon!

This is the one I own and use.

Bongo drums are a Cuban percussion instrument made of two small drums with skin heads. One drum is slightly larger than the other and slightly lower in pitch. The problem is keeping those skin heads in tune and not getting them wet!

The cahon is another percussion instrument constructed in a box with the bottom open. The player sits on the box with it tilted back slightly to get the sound to come out the bottom while he/she slaps the front of the box.

What happens when you combine these to ideas? You get the BONGO CAHON!

A bongo cahon is a lap sized box with a divider across the inside creating two boxes within the whole. One side is larger than the other so when the top is slapped with the hands you get a perfect traditional bongo sound. What is the advantage?

Made only of high quality sealed wood, the bongo cahon needs no tuning and is basically water proof. You could play it in the rain! Now I do not recommend leaving it under water but you get the point.

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I have been playing music since 1967. I stared with the drums, then added guitar in 1970. I earned a BA in Music theory in 1977. Along the way I also learned bass guitar, ukulele and penny whistle. Through I will be sharing lots of COOL STUFF to educate and make your life more FUN!

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