Bowling Shoe Covers

Bowling Shoe Covers

I am so glad that they now have bowling shoe covers.  Having bowled in leagues and tournaments for over 20 years, one thing I know is, if you get the bottom of your bowling shoes wet you will end up falling on the lane.  You need the bottom to be dry to be able to slide.  If they are wet you will stick and the sudden stop will throw you off balance.

Since it snows where I am during the bowling season people are always dragging the snow in with them and that makes the floor wet.  If I wanted to go the snack bar to get something to eat or drink during a tournament, I would have to wait until we were in between games so that I would have the time to change my shoes.  Since I didn’t want to risk falling and getting a foul.

During league play I wouldn’t bother removing my shoes, but instead I would be walking on the sides of my shoes, all the while still trying to avoid the puddles, so I wouldn’t end up on my face.

So when I heard about these bowling shoe covers from Brunswick, I had to give them a try.  I am so glad that I did because they are perfect.  They quickly and easily slip over top of my bowling shoes and keep the bottom from getting wet.  I no longer have to worry when I am walking over to the snack bar.

Once I discovered how well they worked I bought a pair for my father for fathers day.  After all he was the one who got us into bowling in the first place.  He loves them as well and added the tip that they are even more important for men, since when they head to the bathroom they used to have to be very careful with their shoes around the urinals.

These make for a nice gift for you or the bowler in your life.

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