Breville Best Home Espresso Maker

The Breville Dual Boiler – The Best Home Espresso Maker

Cranberry red colored espresso machine

Become your own Barista with this yes, yes, yes… cranberry colored espresso machine by Breville.  You may no longer have to plan a trip to sunny Italy in order to enjoy the perfect taste of espresso coffee. The Breville BES920CBXL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is a journey every time you turn it on. – *Shown here in Cranberry Red, also available in stainless steel, and black to match any decor.

The best home espresso maker

Breville is likely the best manufacturer of personal, professional styled espresso machines. Ideally styled for your home, or office kitchen, the Breville model BES920CBXL maintains individual stainless steel boilers for each of the extraction cups. You can provide multiple shots of espresso within minutes with this dual steamer design.

Digitally controlled

The Breville machines are a line of traditionally styled espresso machines that romanticize all that is fine in the art of brewing a perfect espresso shot. – A combination of tradition, and technology. At first glance you may not even notice the electronic temperature control module, the digital clock, or the auto start mechanism.

Cappuccino, and latte aficionado                                                            

Forgo the morning mud swilling that is the typical cup of Joe – elevate your status to that of cappuccino, and latte aficionado. Embrace the Zen-like experience of brewing your own espresso shots, master the art of these caffeinated creations, indulge your sense, and just show off a little bit.

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