Burn Notice complete DVD set

Burn Notice: The Complete Series on DVD

I own this set of Burn Notice DVDs, and I love it! Now that the show has ended, I can get my fix any time.

If you’re a fan like me, you don’t want to let go of your favorite characters. You want to binge watch Burn Notice whenever you have the time and the mood is right. This set includes all 111 episodes, as well as special features, deleted scenes and captions.

I’ve been a Burn Notice fan since the first time I saw an episode. It happened to be the pilot, being shown late at night in syndication. I was hooked.

Now I own the boxed set of seven seasons. Each one is packed individually in a plastic box, the same as if you’d bought the season individually. They have been compiled in a heavy outer box, which suits me just fine. It protects the videos and fits well onto a shelf.

Why I like Burn Notice? Something about a wronged, disavowed or “burned” spy snagged my fondness for the underdog.

The main character, Michael Weston, is a spy who received a burn notice, that is, he was suddenly cast out. No recourse, just dumped in a city with no cash, credit or job, or references to get one.

For better or worse, that city was his hometown, Miami. And he had enough of a foothold to make it on his wits, like he did when he was a CIA operative.

But if you’re a Burn Notice fan, you know this already. And you may well have seen many, or all, of the episodes of Burn Notice many times.

This set is a “must have” for any Burn Notice fan you know. The only improvement I could see for Burn Notice on DVD is to have a special reel of all Michael’s voiceovers, the collected spy wisdom that he dispenses throughout the series.

Beyond that, I’m one of those fans who say the only bad thing about Burn Notice is that it ended.

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