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Bushranger X-Jack Best Car Jack For The Back Country

The best car jack

The Bushranger X-Jack can do things that are improbable with a standard emergency car jack. If your bogged down, or caught up on a back trail, this is an ideal way to give you lift quickly. With or without the aid of a winch, you’ll find that by having the Bushranger X-Jack on board, there will be few places you cannot get out of. This really is the best car jack you could own. Especially if it’s for your off road vehicle.

1) Stuck in a bog – get the air bag under your Vehicle quickly before it begins sinking in too deep.

2) Rolled on your side – the X-jack can help tip you back.

3) In a real hurry to change a tire – The Bushranger will have you off the ground in minutes.

Powered by the back pressure from your exhaust system

The Bushranger inflatable car jack is powered by the back pressure from your vehicles exhaust system. Simply place the air bag underneath your vehicle, and hook the inflation hose up to your tail pipe.  You be inflating within minutes.

Be prepared for your next adventure

Those that have used the X-Jack can attest to the benefits of using an inflatable car jack regardless of where your stuck, or whether you need to change a damaged tire; you’ll be off the ground in minutes. Order yours today, and you’ll be even more prepared for your next back trail (or no trail) adventure.

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