Chef'n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper

Chef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper

Fresh herbs are essential to add that final touch to your cooking. You don’t need much of it and what usually happens is that you use a tiny portion and the rest goes into the refrigerator only to be thrown out a few days later. What a waste! To stop wasting fresh herbs and have access to summer herbs all year round, you can now store and freeze them using the Chef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper.

The Chef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper makes it simple to both store and use fresh herbs whenever you need them. To use, store the leafy parts of the herb into the herb keeper and then use the twisting handle to compress the herbs as much as possible. You can surprisingly keep a lot of herbs inside the Chef’n Herbsicle container.

Remember to label the contents on the handle. Store the container inside the freezer. When you are ready to use, remove the bottom cap, twist out part of the frozen compressed herbs and either slice out the amount you need or use grate it over food. Store the remainder back in the freezer. Couldn’t be any simpler.

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