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Best Way To Cook a Hot Dog – Roasting Over a Campfire

Windy City hot dogs

It’s no secret that one of my favorite meals is a “Chicago Style Hot Dog” straight from the Windy City itself, but there are certainly many other styles of hot dogs that are more than satisfying.

Open flame cooked hot dog

My second favorite, best way to cook a hot dog, is to cook it over an open flame. Preferably a camp fire. Sitting around the fire just before dusk, watching intently as my dog starts to brown, and maybe bubble. –  Mmmmm, I can taste it now.

Perfectly cooked weiner

After it has been cooked to perfection, the wiener is placed in a lightly warmed bun, and topped off with sweet relish,and mustard. Here’s a great set of camp tools which are ideal for your outdoor hot dog cooking experience.

Have some Smores

After you are done cooking, and devouring your hot dog(s), a little desert is in order. You can use the same open pit fire forks to cook your marshmallow s for a little dessert. Smores anyone?

Flame broiled sweetness

Order your own set of 9 Rome’s Forks for Marshmallows and Hot Dogs, made of Chrome Plated Steel today, and you can be sitting around your campfire tomorrow enjoying the smokey flame broiled sweetness of a perfectly cooked, over an open flame, hot dog.

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