Are Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests Worth It?

If you are trying to conceive, then you may want to invest in Clearblue digital ovulation tests. These tests are used to notify you when you are in the most fertile part of your cycle.

Combined with the right fertility chart, you can guarantee that you and your partner are sexually intimate during peak ovulation times. This means, you have the best chance of getting pregnant.

Clearblue itself is known worldwide and ranks as the number one recommended brand by both gynecologists and obstetricians. You can test to see if you are ovulating and get a digital response.

If a happy face shows up, you are within your 48 most fertile hours of your cycle. LH surge readings come with close to 100% accuracy.

You get 20 tests in the package, so you are guaranteed to meet your most fertile times each month. In fact, these tests should last till conception if you are properly charting your likely ovulation dates.

You could always go for another brand, or invest in a digital ovulation checker, but this is a cost-friendly way to accurately identify your peak ovulation times.  This is the easiest to read out of all of the other brands.

The question: “Are Clearblue digital ovulation tests worth it?”  To answer, these tests are certainly worth the investment for any woman that’s trying to have a baby!

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