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Coke Brand Small Desktop Refrigerator

Tired of leaving your desk when wanting a soda?

If you are tired of having to trek down to the cafeteria, or vending area every time you want a cold soda, you will love this small desktop refrigerator. No more having to stop in the middle of a project to quench your thirst. You can have your very own mini beverage refrigerator sitting on your desk at arms reach.

Holds up to six cans of soda

This personal size beverage refrigerator will hold up to six cans of your favorite canned soda or juice. Simply plug it in and the refrigerator does the rest. Runs off of a standard 110 volt wall outlet, cord included. The mini soda fridge measures 11″ x 8″ and 11″ tall. It’s a very compact unit that takes up very little space, while cooling your snack or beverages up to 32 degrees cooler than the surrounding room temperature.

Can also be used to holds healthy snacks and treats

If your dieting, it’s also an ideal place to keep tomato, or vegetable juice for a healthy and nutritious snack. Even though the refrigerator is perfectly sized to contain six soda cans there is no limit to what you can keep in it for healthy snacks. – Yogurt, carrot sticks, an apple, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Got the idea yet? It’s a personal refrigerator so you decide. Order your personal desktop soda can refrigerator today and have it shipped to you tomorrow.

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