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Collect Amazon US payments with Payoneer

If you are an Amazon Affiliate but live outside US, you can now get your earnings by direct deposit to a Payoneer card for global use. Many Amazon payments are sent by check, specially if you live outside USA. In my country, cashing a check is expensive and it takes a couple of days for the bank to complete the transaction. Until recently, getting a direct bank deposit from Amazon as a non US citizen was not an option.

So how can you get paid as an affiliate through a direct bank transfer?

The answer is the US Payment Service. Here is how to get US direct deposits:

  • Open a free Payoneer account (click below and get $25 bonus when you get your first payment).
  • Make sure account payee name is the same as on your Amazon account.
  • Go to your Associates page and change payment settings to payment by direct deposit, enter the representing bank details you received from Payoneer.
  • Card gets sent to you.
  • Done!

A large number of services are tied to this system and you can for example also get paid directly to deposit if you publish books through KDP, as an affiliate or marketer with CJ, Clickbank, as a Elance contractor, etc.

I live in Europe and have used Payoneer US Payments to get my affiliate commissions now for quite a while (my card shown above). It works like clockwork!

Once a month my Amazon direct deposit pops in and the card can be used for shop payments everywhere (even online). You can also withdraw cash from any global ATM that supports MasterCard.

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