Colorful Bowling Friends

Another all plastic bowling set, which is part of why the colors are so bright. You can’t get those kinds of colors with many other materials. A serious mix of animals here with a dog and a giraffe among them. When do you ever see a dog and a giraffe together? (And now, someone’s going to send me a video of one, right?)

The fact that they’re plastic makes them good for outside play or even in the bathtub. The bright purple ball makes me think of the kind of ball a seal uses in the circus. (No seals in this set, though.) Oh – and side benefit? One grandmother reported her granddaughter liked to chew on them as she was teething and they handled the abuse just fine.

Overall, a small set so be prepared for that. The pins are just 4.75″ tall and the ball is 4″ in diameter.

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