Complete Akatsuki Itachi Costume Set for Cosplay

Want to look like Uchiha Itachi for a Costume party for Halloween or for Cosplay? If you already have friend that are going to don a Sasuke Costume and you want dress up as a badass Naruto ninja, then an Itachi costume might be your next choice. Itachi is the most popular villain in the Naruto series. Well, not a villain by choice, but to protect his younger brother Uchiha Sasuke.

This is one amazingly complete Akatsuki Itachi costume set. You will get:

  • The Akatsuki red clouds black coat and hood
  • Anti-Leaf Village forehead protector
  • Akatsuki ring
  • Ninja tabi shoes
  • Itachi’s necklace
  • Ninja weapons – kunai, shuriken and a belt bag to stash these

What’s not included is a fishnet-like shirt (he wears it under his robe), but you can get those in Amazon easily.

One thing, though: If you want to dress up like him, I suggest you dress the character’s attitude, too! Be cold, stern and emotionless.

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