Cordless Lighted Salt or Pepper Mill

Cordless Lighted Salt or Pepper Mill

You are having an intimate romantic dinner with your significant other right under the moonlit night. Your significant other felt that the pasta is a little bland and asks you to add a little grounded pepper. You reach for the pepper mill and proceeded to dispense pepper on the pasta. Horrors! Because it was too dark, you added way too much pepper and ruined both the pasta and the romantic dinner! Your significant other never ever spoke to you again and you lived the rest of your life regretting that moment.

Of course, the above would never have happened if you had the Cordless Lighted Salt or Pepper Mill. This battery operated mill is both cordless and portable. Grind your condiments single-handed with the touch of a button. Best of all, it has an LED light to let you see exactly how much you are dispensing even in the dark.

Save your relationship from disaster. Get the Cordless Lighted Salt or Pepper Mill. Or never, ever have a romantic dinner in the dark.

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