crabs adjust humidity

Crabs Adjust Humidity Rides The Wave

Infecting college students

Crabs Adjust Humidity – (((What?))) – Crabs Adjust Humidity is a series of unauthorized expansion packs that tie into the Cards Against Humanity game. The politically incorrect game, that is infecting the minds of college students everywhere.

The integrity of the game

Crabs Adjust Humidity now offers three separate expansions, while Cards Against Humanity is on its fourth expansion, and has offered at least as many specialty and holiday packs. The Crabs version brings additional cards to the table while retaining the integrity of the game. Ha!  – It is possible to use the word “integrity” in the same sentence as Cards against Humanity.

Cads Above Humility©

If Crabs Adjust Humidity can ride the wave that the original game has created we’ll probably see other start-ups offering their own versions of unauthorized expansion packs. – Maybe “Cads Above Humility”?

A parody on a parody

Since the original Cards Against Humanity is it’s self a parody, you could say that; “Crabs Adjust Humidity is a parody on a parody.” At any rate they will no doubt continue to call their product a parody rather than risking any legal battles that could ensue from being called a copy.

Crabs put out to sea

In the meantime if you have purchased the original Cards against Humanity game, and all of the available expansion packs, it’s time to get Crabs Adjust Humidity – before the other guys try to put them out to sea.


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