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WhyrllystHey guys! The gifting season is very near and this time, “top 10” style shopping lists are the most profitable. We won’t let you miss that!

Introducing, Whyrllysts. Whyrllysts are lists made from your Whirls. All the shopping suggestions listed in the Whyrllysts are linked to the Whirl chosen.

How to create a Whyrllyst?

First the rules:
1. Give your entry a good title.
2. The Whyrllyst should include an intro text and five to eight whirls. Each recommendation should have at least 50 words (different from the original Whirl you recommend) and the whole article should have at least 500 words.
3. The selection of Whirls you recommend can come from you or from others. We suggest you create an entry that mixes your whirls and others. It pays to give to the community and Karma comes around. Who knows, the person might see you added their stuff and might make a list that includes yours.
4. To help Whyrll get a separate dedicated server (the traffic is getting too heavy for a shared reseller hosting), we reserve the right to add one or two suggestions from the founders, if we have something we can add. We will make clear that it is not included in the original list, as we will add the text, “Whyrll editors also recommend the following”. Also, these will be added at the end of the list.
5. As always, the content will be yours, and we will attribute the writeup to your account.

To access the Whyrllyst creation, you have to be promoted to an Author first. Then the ability to create Whyrllysts are located below the posts tab in your dashboard:

new toy

This is a sample of a Whyrllyst yours truly made.


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