Creating a One-Click Amazon Affiliate Link Bookmarklet

Hey guys! After approving many submissions. I noticed that many of us are still making our Amazon affiliate links the traditional way. (something like, go to product page>click on make link>select link from the code) It is tedious, right?

I have a secret to share. I use a bookmarklet that creates instant Amazon links, in one click, no need to sign in. This will subtract around a minute or two from your already short Whirl making process. 😉

Creating Your Amazon Affiliate Link Bookmarklet

  1. Click this link and copy the code.
  2. Open Notepad, paste that code, and look for YOURAMAZONTAG within the code. Replace it with your Amazon tag, excluding the -20 suffix. Copy everything.
  3. On Firefox, locate the bookmarks toolbar. This is the empty (or quite full if you use that often) bar usually found below the address bar. If it is not present, click on view>toolbars>bookmarks toolbar
    On Chrome, the bookmarks bar is usually hidden. To show it, click the three line button thing at the top right > bookmarks > show bookmarks bar
  4. Right click on an empty space of that bar, select new bookmark (for Firefox) or add page (for Chrome)
  5. Paste the code you copied earlier to the Location box (for Firefox) and the URL box (for Chrome). Name the bookmark for easier identification.
  6. Save it.
  7. Go to any Amazon product page (no need to sign in) click on that bookmarklet you just made.
  8. A dialog box should appear. Copy the code. That is your shorter, prettier affiliate link.
  9. Send me lots of candies for saving you a few minutes.

How to Check Your Amazon Links

To check if that Amazon link is properly tagged, sign in to your account, then go to the Amazon Link Checker. Paste your new link. It will tell you if it is successful or not.

Limitations of This Bookmarklet

You cannot link to a search page, category page or reviews page. You need to create that using the traditional Amazon site stripe. Also, I haven’t tested this for Amazon stores outside of US.

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