Cute Cow Slippers for Women

These cute cow slippers are “udderly” delightful, and will have your feet “moo”ving comfortably while wearing them.

What kind of person would wear these cute black and white slippers with the smiling cow face?  I envision a quirky aunt who loves silly but still useful gifts, or a teen who might wear them at a pajama party  (where people can show off their cutest or silliest slippers).

They’d also be fun as a gift for someone who loves cows.   Do you know anyone who collects cow memorabilia?  Well, now you can give them the perfect footwear gift too!

Or maybe you think these comfortable, plush cow slippers are completely adorable and want to wear them yourself on a lazy Sunday morning in your own house.  I know they’d bring a smile to your face every time you wore them!

The product page also says these slippers are for men too, but personally I’d guess that guys would prefer the moose slippers from the same company 🙂

What do you think?  Do you know anyone who would love these cow slippers?

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When I'm not writing online, I'm probably doing yoga or doing something fun outside, like birdwatching, hiking, or skiing. Or I'm just out getting an ice cream cone.

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