ancing Face-Stand Robot iPhone Cradle

Dancing Face-Stand Robot iPhone Cradle

Only the Japanese can come up with something as weird and as off-beat as the Dancing Face-Stand Robot iPhone Cradle. As the name implies, this truly unique iPhone accessory from Takara Tomy is an iPhone cradle that fits the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c. It is also a robot with moving arms and legs as you can see from the product photo. So where does the Dancing Face-Stand part come in? That is the ingenuity of this product.

Firstly you need the “Face Sing” from the app store. Next you need to take a photo of yourself or anyone else you wish to star in your very own dancing robot show. Next, place the iPhone into the Dancing Face-Stand Robot, turn it own and watch the magic and hilarity begin.

The robot picks up sound and music with its built-in microphone and then proceeds to dance in sync with the music. The “Face Sing” app animates the face of the imported photo and makes it sing along to the music while the robot grooves along. You can even customize the face by changing hair styles or adding eye glasses.

Put all the elements together and you get quite an entertaining all-dancing, all-singing, robot show.

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