AGPtek Dash Board video recorder

Dual Lens Dash Board DVR with GPS and G-sensor

AGPtek®  Dual Lens Vehicle Dash Board Video Recorder with GPS and G-sensor.

Have your car ever been involved in a traffic incident or accident and wished you had recorded it all? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see how your kids are doing in the backseat? Or record everything that happens around your vehicle when you are parked. You surly know that all law enforcement and surveillance vehicles already has one.

This Dual Lens Dash Board DVR with GPS and G-sensor has many features you wont find in other Dash Cams.

  1. It has two cameras that rotates  270 degrees.
  2. You can clearly see and record what is going on in front and inside the car, even behind it.
  3. Continuous real time video without one second of missed video.
  4. The only Dash Cam that interfaces with Windows/Mac
  5. Internal microphone/speaker, call out a license plate or any coment and the Dash Cam records it.
  6. Infrared photosensitive.

Equipped with Internal Gravity Sensor which records the gravity deviations on an impact from all possible angles of the vehicle makes your evidence more reliable. GPS scanning and positioning lets you travel track with Google maps while watching the video on your computer.

If you are concerned of your family’s security this is a must for your vehicles!

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