Dining Table with Metal Legs

Looking for a dining table with metal legs and a rustic, wood tabletop was quite a challenge, as many are priced well out of my budget range. Finding this one was a nice surprise, indeed!

Here’s a myriad of features this dining table boasts that  convinced me to talk about it, here.

The table’s  top is a nice weathered wood finish, making it appear rustic, while its metal legs are a great contrast in era design:  metal being a tribute to the industrial age, and the distressed wood tabletop being from simpler times. It’s this dissimilarity that will work in a whole host of decor palettes from rustic to contemporary to urban loft design.

I noticed a ton of dining tables with metal legs (you can see them by following the link here) but the design of this table’s legs has the straight-edged, linear affect that makes it a perfect fit in any decor. Some tables have metal scrollwork and ornate, round edges that define a specific theme. I like those tables very much but you won’t have the option to change your kitchen or dining room’s decor with those designs that this table offers.

The length of your dining table is uber-important. While you need to accommodate each family member, you want your table to fit the space without everyone banging elbows or your walls with chairs. Ideally, you should have 12″ (one foot) in front of each person, and about 26″ (inches) per person for elbow room.

Here’s the dimensions of this table:

30″ inches high x 48″ inches wide x 28.25″  inches deep

The great part (well, another feature) of this table’s wood top and its metal legs, is you can get by with basic–yes cheap–wood chairs with no arms. I would even entertain the idea of using the very simple, used wood chairs where you can throw some paint on each chair and lightly sand through the paint here and there. Use a soft-grain sandpaper and practice on an inconspicuous spot before sanding the front areas of the chairs. It’s super-simple and you might want to use different colors for each dining chair for the ‘Oh WOW!’ look.

Start with this simple, yet sophisticated, dining table with it simply-lined, metal legs and you can, make your dining room or area truly your own.

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